Garage Renovation Picture
Room Addition
Garage Renovation
Garage Remodeling Picture
The Simmons and neighbors enjoy their new living space. We added a decorative fireplace and canned lighting. We also converted their window into a sliding glass door. We installed carpet instead of wood flooring because this would be a low traffic area of house. The windows added the extra lighting into the room that we needed to give this room life.   A laundry room was added for the washer and dryer.

More photos available upon request.
Here's the Simmons Garage before we began the Garage Remodeling. They needed to  turn their garage into an bonus room.  This garage renovation project included:

    Room Addition
    Door Installation
    Window Installation
    Carpet Installation
    Decorative Fireplace
    Garage Lighting
Garage Renovation Pictures
Garage Home Improvement Project

Atlanta Garage Renovation

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